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Ms. Dorian’s Scholars is an innovative learning studio focused on creating a strong foundation in reading, language, math, and positive habits for early learners. Ms. Dorian’s Scholars uses an individualized teaching approach for Pre-K – 2nd based on each student’s unique learning style.


Ms. Dorian’s Scholars offers 2 types of learning environments:

Small Group Learning – MDS conducts morning and afternoon sessions for small group instruction in our customized learning studio located in North Central San Antonio. We use multi-sensory, research based, explicit curriculum for reading, writing, and math for early intervention with struggling learners. Our mornings begin with a 20 minute “D.F.T.B.A. Social Lesson” centered on developing a true understanding of gratitude, manners, world-mindedness, and communication with others. Always loved by the children!


One-on-One Learning – For students who need more focused instruction, Ms. Dorian is available for individual learning sessions held either in-person or via video conference. Ms. Dorian will get to know your student’s learning style and needs and will create a custom curriculum to make sure your student has the most enjoyable and successful learning experience possible.


At MDS, we strive to help children become confident about their self-image and leave our program happy and self-motivated with a love for learning, because every child learns differently and has the ability to succeed!

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About MDS
Meet Ms. Dorian
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Meet Dorian Reeves

All children learn differently and have strengths to share. That is my foundation in developing a love of learning with my students!


I have been teaching early intervention reading and children with learning differences for more than 20 years in both private and public schools. My training began at the renowned school for children with learning differences, The June Shelton School and Evaluation Center, in Dallas, Texas. I then taught 3rd grade mainstream classroom in Plano ISD for 3 years, where I was recognized each year for the success of my students on their state STAAR testing. I moved to San Francisco and taught 1st-2nd grade at the highly regarded school for those with LD, The Charles Armstrong School, in Silicon Valley. My teaching home for the past 13 years has been at the award-winning The Winston School San Antonio. I was honored to receive the award of “Teacher of the Year” by King Antonio in 2012.

My training is in mainstream classroom curriculum as well as: 

  • Multi-sensory research-based, sequential, explicit Orton Gillingham methodologies

  • The Slingerland Method

  • Linda Mood-Bell

  • Sequential English Education (SEE)

  • Recipe for Reading

  • Touch Math

  • Making Math Real

I am constantly looking for new avenues in developing the whole child, not only through enhanced understanding of core concepts, but by building self-confident learners who have a love of learning and can advocate for themselves. I attend professional development to keep me up to date on teaching trends and to broaden my skill set.


It is not “How smart are you?” but rather “How are you smart?”     – Howard Gardner

What  Makes Ms. Dorian's Scholars Special

Ms. Dorian is an expert in teaching children with learning differences how to read, write, and develop confidence using Orton Gillingham methodologies.

MDS in the News

Ms. Dorian's Scholars in the News


Ms. Dorian's Scholars awarded VELA Education Grant to fund scholarship

October 13, 2022 – Ms. Dorian’s Scholars is extremely proud to be named the recipient of a VELA Education Fund scholarship grant! VELA supports everyday entrepreneurs who are boldly reimagining education. The MDS VELA Grant will be used for scholarships for struggling learners needing academic intervention.

San Antonio Woman magazine features Ms. Dorian as a "Woman on the Move"

Nov-Dec 2022 issue – Dorian Reeves of Ms. Dorian's Scholars was featured in the November/December 2022 issue of San Antonio Woman magazine in their Women on the Move section. The story highlights Ms. Dorian's award-winning educational approach with Ms. Dorian's Scholars.

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An interview with Ms. Dorian on the benefits of multisensory learning

Our five senses are so powerful. It only makes sense that we use them as much as possible when we learn! The best part? Multisensory instruction allows our young scholars to be actively involved with the learning process. Plus, it's 🅕🅤🅝 !

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Delaine Mathieu with News 4 San Antonio Interviews Ms. Dorian

Ms. Dorian shares with reporter Delaine Mathieu how her teaching style has evolved and why she's so dedicated to helping kids who learn differently. Click here to see the interview!

What Parents Say
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Blue Sparkles

"Ms. Reeves' microschool with personalized learning developing the whole child is exactly what students need to thrive. Microschools are a rapidly growing wave as more parents demand more from their child’s education than industrial-scale traditional schools can provide.”

-Tory Gattis


Microschool Revolution

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Hi! I’m Ms. Dorian and

I'd love to hear from you.

Call me at 210-325-5718

Or fill out this form, and I'll get back to you!

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